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Media Release - Welland Safe Community Partnership seeks national designation

Posted on: 23-August-2007

(November 5, 2004 – Welland, ON) – After nearly one year of hard work by a number of dedicated citizens, the Welland Safe Community Partnership (WSCP) is ready to submit its business plan to the Safe Communities Foundation.

“This initiative has had a great deal of support from community agencies, businesses and citizens from the very start,” said Pat Chiocchio, WSCP Chair. “Each of our sub-committees has now developed their goals and objectives, and we look forward to becoming another of Canada’s designated safe communities.”

“The scope of the goals set by the sub-committees will ensure that we are reaching out to all demographics about the importance of safety and injury prevention,” said Rick Demers, WSCP Vice Chair. “The Welland Safe Community Partnership was formed to ensure that all members of the community – young and old, working or retired – think about safety in everything they do. Until this is accomplished, we will continue to undertake safety education and awareness initiatives. This is not a short-term project.”

The Workplace Safety sub-committee has set goals and objectives that include training for small businesses in WSIB’s Safe Communities Incentive Program (SCIP). Through participation in this program, small businesses will be eligible for up to 5% savings in their annual WSIB premiums.

“The SCIP program is a great way for small businesses to realize all of the benefits of being a designated Safe Community,” said Bill Auchterlonie, Chair of the Workplace Safety sub-committee. “We all know that injury prevention means happier, more productive employees and reduced costs in insurance and training. The SCIP program is a wonderful addition to these benefits, as small employers are able to realize more tangible cost savings.”

In addition to sub-committees for Workplace Safety, Safe Neighbourhoods, Seniors Safety and Marketing & Promotion, the WSCP steering committee believes that their Wellness & Prevention subcommittee is the first sub-committee of its kind in Canada.

The WSCP expects to receive word about their successful designation from the Safe Communities Foundation in February 2005.

For more information:
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