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Media Release - Radar message board to be installed on First Avenue

Posted on: 23-August-2007

(December 6, 2004 – Welland, ON) – To address speed-related concerns around Quaker Road School, the Welland Safe Community Partnership (WSCP) is working with the City of Welland’s Traffic department and the Niagara Regional Police to have a radar message board installed on First Avenue, between Woodland Drive and Quaker Road.

“It is the intention of the Welland Safe Community Partnership to work with organizations in Welland, including City Hall and the Niagara Regional Police Service, to address safety concerns throughout the city,” said Pat Chiocchio, WSCP Chair. “As a matter of fact, one of the goals of our Safe Neighbourhoods sub-committee is to reduce transportation-related injuries, where speed is a factor, by 10% over a one-year period.”

A recent vehicle speed study conducted within the Quaker Road school zone, raised concerns with respect to operating speeds. School zones have a posted speed limit of 40km/h due to the expected increase in child pedestrian activity. Statistics of collisions involving pedestrians have shown a direct correlation between the severity of injuries and vehicle speeds.

David Ferguson, Traffic and Parking Operations Manager for the City of Welland expressed his support for the work of the WSCP and said, “Many drivers don’t realize how quickly they are traveling. The presence of the radar message board will assist to re-educate drivers of the speed limit and remind them to slow down. For those who don’t, the Niagara Regional Police will be working with us to enforce the limit.”

The WSCP and the City’s traffic department partnered, earlier this year, to bring a crash vehicle to the corner of Woodlawn Road and First Avenue, to serve as a reminder of the consequences of drinking and driving. It is anticipated that there will be many more of these partnerships in the future.

Updated October 28, 2013