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Media Release - City of Welland and Niagara Regional Police work together, strive to reduce vehicle

Posted on: 23-August-2007

(April 2, 2004 – Welland, ON) – The City of Welland Traffic and Parking Operations Division along with Niagara Regional Police Services are asking that drivers proceed with caution when using roadways throughout the City of Welland.

“With spring upon us and summer quickly approaching, an increase in pedestrian activity and young children playing outdoors is to be expected throughout our neighbourhoods,” explains Pat Chiocchio, City Councillor and Chair of Welland’s newly created Safe Communities initiative. “We urge all motorists to take into consideration the safety of their neighbours and abide by the speed limit.”

In the Province of Ontario, the speed limit on a typical city roadway is a statutory 50km/h and signs are not required to be posted. In many instances motorists travel along a roadway at a speed in which they feel comfortable, often unaware that they are traveling in excess of the speed limit. This presents an unnecessary danger to other motorists and pedestrians.

Road Safety continues to be a principal concern to the community and the Niagara Regional Police Service. “Speeding is recognized as a contributing factor in a significant number of motor vehicle collisions,” said Inspector Rick Lundy. “We are committed to working in partnership with the City of Welland in ensuring the safety of the community through promotion and participation of traffic safety initiatives.”

Updated October 28, 2013