Helmet Program

In the summer of 2009, Safe Communities Welland, in partnership with the City of Welland, Buckner's Source for Sports, Community Living - Welland-Pelham, Brain Injury Niagara, United Way South Niagara and the Niagara Region Children's Safety Village, launched its Helmet Safety Program.

At SCW's very first event, a Kids' Safety Festival held in August, more than 40 children were provided with free bicycle helmets. The committee plans to have more events like these to address other seasonal sports helmets.

Further, SCW holds information/education sessions throughout the year to demonstrate proper helmet fittings and, occasionally, provide a few helmets for free or with a discounted price.

For more information on how to donate helmets to the program or to have a session held at your organization, please contact Pam Swick-Janjac, Administrative Co-ordinator PSJ.MK13@gmail.com  or Shirley Cordiner, Niagara Region Children's Safety Village, admin@niagarasafetyvillage.com.

Updated February 13, 2017